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Meet Yuli

Yuli sitting, looking at camera. 2020. (4).jpeg



Arrival Date:

Age at Arrival:

Surrogate Mama:

Fun Facts:


Tshuapa Province

August 2020


Her favorite foods are apples, sugarcane, and bananas.

Yuli's Rescue

When Yuli was rescued in Tshuapa Province, she was badly malnourished and suffering from a broken arm with no one in the field who could treat it. It was critical that she get to Lola if there was any chance of saving her arm, and thanks to you, she made it!

After arriving at Lola, our veterinary team examined her arm and were able to remove a piece of broken bone and did everything they could to help her regain as much mobility as possible. Yuli was paired with Mama C'arrive who held her close and made cooing sounds to comfort her.

Looking at Yuli now, you'd never believe she was the same bonobo as the one who came through our doors in such dire shape. Her arm has healed and she can keep up with her fellow playmates in the nursery, especially Tshimbulu who is like an older brother to her. Her favorite foods are apples, sugarcane, and bananas.

Yuli during rescue. 2020. (7).jpeg
C'arrive sitting with, holding, Yuli. Photo by Sebastien Birr, 2020. (1).JPG
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