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Meet Mondombe

Mondombe 2 April 2021 Lisa Murray (2) (1).jpg



Arrival Date:

Age at Arrival:

Surrogate Mama:

Fun Facts:



July 2020


Her best friend is Ikela and she loves sweet potato leaves

Mondombe's Rescue

Mondombe was rescued by Congoloese NGO Conserv Congo, and remained in their care for some time due to COVID-related delays in travel.  Even in normal circumstances, it can take weeks to arrange for a plane that will transport an orphaned bonobo, and during the COVID-19 pandemic, things were much, much harder. Thankfully she was in good hands with Conserv Congo, and they took wonderful care of her while she waited. 

Once she finally arrived at Lola, she received medication to address bloating and intestinal parasites and is now healthy and active.

Mondombe gets along well with her bonobo playmates, especially her best friend Ikela, and never turns down a tasty sweet potato leaf!

In November 2021, Mpongo and four of her friends (Tshimbulu, Diyoko, Omandja and Lolabu) graduated from the nursery and joined the adult and older juvenile bonobos in Enclosure 2.  

Mondombe eating before getting to Lola. 2020. (1).jpeg
Peguy and Mondombe April 2021 Lisa Murray (3).jpg
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