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Meet Osanga




Arrival Date:

Age at Arrival:

Surrogate Mama:

Fun Facts:


Sankuru Province

April 24, 2023

1.5 years

Mama Gladys

Osanga loves to eat! Her favorite foods are papaya and mikungu (local vegetable)

Baby Bonobo Smiling
New Rescue Osanga with Mama Gladys 2023.jpg
Traumatic Start

Bonobos are orphaned mainly because of illegal wildlife poaching. It is very traumatic for a young bonobo to witness the killing and slaughter of their parents and social group.


Some orphaned bonobos suffer significant emotional harm, lose the will to live, and stop eating or drinking.


Osanga was one of many bonobos who lost her mother at an early age due to poaching. She arrived at Lola ya Bonobo sanctuary in April 2023 in rough shape.


Frail and Tired

Little Osanga was in poor health when she arrived at Lola ya Bonobo Sanctuary. She was dehydrated, underweight, and frail. Her body presented old and new wounds on her hip, foot, arm, and hand. Osanga was so exhausted that she spent the first five days in our care sleeping throughout the day after every meal.


Our educators in the DR Congo do a fantastic job bringing awareness to schools and communities about bonobos, which are found only in Congo. We are always grateful when people come forward after an education session with the news of a bonobo being held illegally - as happened with Osanga. This started her journey toward health and safety.


DR Congo environmental authorities confiscated the little bonobo. She traveled by motorbike and plane to reach Kinshasa, and then by car to arrive, finally, at Lola ya Bonobo Sanctuary.

Sleeping Baby Bonobo Being Rescued

Osanga loves her surrogate mother, Mama Gladys! It’s devastating when a young bonobo is torn away from its natural mother, but our surrogate mothers selflessly give everything they have to fill that void. 


Despite her condition upon arrival, TLC and care are transforming Osanga! Still shy, she has adapted well to her new environment and made friends with quarantine pal Ikoto. Soon, they will move to the nursery and meet the other bonobo orphans and mamas. Having faced so much trauma and adversity, Osanga is a fighter!

New Beginnings 

Find out more about Osanga on our social media!

Close up of a baby bonobo face
Caregiver and baby bonobo at Lola ya Bonobo sanctuary
Osanga & Mama Gladys 6_23.jpg
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