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Bonobo Rescuer Needs Your Help

A Special Request for Giving Day for Apes

Héritier Mpo is a selfless hero and inspiring example for conservationists. Working in close partnership with Friends of Bonobos of the Congo and Lola ya Bonobo Sanctuary, Héritier rescues bonobos from the illegal bushmeat and pet trades. He is an integral part of our mission to save bonobos.

Héritier is an advocate for all wildlife, though, and his work extends past bonobos. He has been working tirelessly for years to rescue primates and other animals from the horrors of wildlife trafficking and to educate his local communities.

He founded the nonprofit Action for the Promotion of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (APPACOL) in Sankuru province in the DR Congo and has dedicated his life to wildlife conservation.

“We believe these animals have the same rights as us, to live in their natural environment,” Héritier says.

On August 9th, 2022, while Héritier was on a rescue mission, he got word that the office of his nonprofit was engulfed in flames. Arson by poachers is the suspected cause.
Héritier, who gives his heart and soul to the wildlife rescue organization he founded, heart-breakingly saw it burned down in minutes. Nothing could be salvaged.
a burned out building on the left and the same building before the fire, with green doors and a main standing in front
APPACOL offices after and before the fire.

Courageous and Undeterred

Just days after the devastating fire, Héritier was back in the field doing his life’s work - rescuing more animals in the DRC from the illegal wildlife trade. This includes two orphaned baby bonobos destined for Lola ya Bonobo sanctuary.

Watch the video to see the Héritier's compassion and kindness.

You Can Help

On Tuesday, October 11, 2022, we will participate in the annual Giving Day for Apes – a global day of giving focused on ape sanctuaries in Africa, Asia and North America that save and rehabilitate endangered great apes – bonobos, chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans (we’re the only one caring for bonobos!)

Giving Day for Apes is not only a way to raise needed funds for ape care and advocacy, but it also raises awareness for the plight of our ape cousins, who are endangered throughout the world. Fundraising began September 12th, leading up to the 24-hour giving day on October 11th. On that day, participating sanctuaries compete to raise the most money for their cause and win prizes generously furnished by sponsors.

This year, half of your gift to Friends of Bonobos will go to Héritier, so he can reb uild his organization (pictured at a community meeting, below).

The other half will go to Lola ya Bonobo sanctuary to support the bonobos he rescued.

About Giving Day for Apes

Giving Day for Apes has been presented by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries since 2014. Each year, on the second Tuesday of October, sanctuaries that provide rehabilitation and long-term care for apes throughout Africa, Asia and North America participate in a global day of giving and awareness-raising. Participants compete for prizes provided by generous sponsors: Arcus Foundation, American Anti-Vivisection Society, the David Bohnett Foundation and others.