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We're Growing! Meet our new Director of Growth, Carrie Maloney

Thanks to expanding awareness of bonobos and support for their conservation worldwide, Friends of Bonobos is growing! As a result we were able to add a new team member for a brand new role, and we're pretty thrilled about it. Please welcome our new Director of Growth, Carrie Maloney!

A photo of a woman with a background shwoing a mother carrying baby bonobo
Director of Growth Carrie Maloney

Why a Director of Growth?

To respond to increasing threats to bonobos, we are growing our educational programming and community development projects near bonobo habitat. This essential work addresses the root causes of the threats to bonobos.

At the same time, the needs at the sanctuary are growing. There are more bonobos than ever in the nursery, and the need for sanctuary improvements, expansion, and technical expertise is growing too.

On top of all that, we have big goals for expanding Ekolo ya Bonobo - to provide even more protection for bonobos, hundreds of other animal and plant species, and the rainforest they live in.

A bonobo climbing in tree, angle is looking up
At Ekolo ya Bonobo Communty Forest Reserve, bonobos are free and protected

New Opportunities

There are also new opportunities on the horizon for us! We are working on joining forces with new conservation partners and developing new ventures - all to strengthen our long-term financial security, and to ensure there is always a safe haven for bonobos in the DR Congo. Our new Director of Growth will be leading our efforts in these areas and helping to spread the spread the word about amazing bonobos so no one, anywhere, will have to hear, “What’s a bonobo?”

About Carrie

For more than 15 years, Carrie has served as a senior leader advancing the goals and objectives of organizations that benefit wildlife, the planet, and underserved populations in East Africa, Rwanda and the West Bank. She's drawing on this valuable experience to raise the bar for bonobos and expand the network needed to grow long-term bonobo conservation.

Here's Where You Come In

Do you want to help raise the bar for bonobos? Or do you have a connection who might be able to make a significant difference to protect bonobos and their rainforest home forever? If so, Carrie is interested in talking with you -- about corporate partnerships, foundation opportunities, marketing partnerships, or media opportunities, or meeting individuals you know who would love to get involved with bonobos. Please reach out to Carrie !

Bonobos are under tremendous pressure. Deforestation is worsening and poaching is rampant. We’re answering the call to step up our efforts. Growing our network and capacity means we can do more to help bonobos and make sure they are still here for future generations.

Please don't hesitate to contact Carrie or (or any of us!) if you have an opportunity in mind or an idea for us. We're all ears!

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