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Writing a Book: The Importance of the World and Its Role in Storytelling

The Role of Peace in the Novel

The world invented by the author is:

1. The narrative framework .

...beyond which one cannot escape at will. If there is no magic in the world, then the characters have to make it on their own, not wait for miracles. If the world is a desert, then there must be big problems with water, with washing (and the heroes look and feel accordingly). This also includes, for example, the means of transportation - and the days spent traveling, and the hiking conditions and troubles.

2. story logic.

A well-developed world forms in advance the settings for the action of the characters and the logical framework beyond which one should not go. An author who has carefully thought through the world and its laws is sure to avoid a lot of "swarms," events and phenomena pulled by the ears, and "miracles" that arise out of nowhere and violate credibility.

3. Visualization of scenes.

"The brain is the world's best cinema, and you realize that when you read a good book," Ridley Scott observed. And the "pictures" of the story are not created by "sheets" of descriptions of the forest, but by a pre-designed world. And, by the way, with an elaborate world and "sheets" does not happen: if the author well "sees" what he writes, he does not need to tell on ten pages about the autumn forest - it is enough to indicate the pair or three bright and significant details. Often long descriptions are the author's attempts to "see" something that does not yet exist.

4. Multidimensionality, voluminosity and changeability of the story.

As mentioned above, the world should be three-dimensional - at a minimum. And as a maximum - multidimensional, and this effect is created by elaborate "layers", each of which has its own laws. Multidimensionality is the visible and invisible (what happens without our presence), it is the existing and the assumed, it is the concrete (knowledge of events, phenomena and people) and the abstract (what we know by hearsay or have no idea about at all), it is the past and the present.

The existence in the world of those elements that are not related to the characters and develop according to their own laws, creates the volume of the world, the understanding that behind the castle wall there is a lot of interesting, unusual, alive. And thanks to that the story becomes changeable - it prompts the author's plot moves, surprises him with unexpected hints and solutions.

Volumetric and multi-dimensional world - a world that helps the author to "see" and work easily, and not to stagnate on five-page "sheets" of descriptions of dresses.

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