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A love letter to Friends of Bonobos supporters - look at all you've done!

You protected bonobos and rainforest.

Rescuing and caring for orphans at Lola ya Bonobo is a critical part of saving bonobos from extinction. But did you know your support does a whole lot more?

Two bonobos in a tree at Ekolo ya Bonobo Community Reserve in DR Congo.
Lisala and her baby Lokumu at Ekolo ya Bonobo Community Reserve.

To keep our amazing ape cousins safe for the long term, we also must protect their habitat in Democratic Republic of Congo. After they are rehabilitated, the bonobos of Lola should be able return to the wild -- where they belong.

That's where Ekolo ya Bonobo Community Reserve comes in.


Thanks to you, Ekolo ya Bonobo Community Reserve is DOUBLING in Size!

The effort to expand Ekolo ya Bonobo Community Reserve made significant progress over the last year, thanks to leadership support from The Rainforest Trust and support from conservationists like you.

A group departs for a forest use survey in DR Congo.

The 120,000-acre reserve in DR Congo's Équateur Province is poised to double in size!


You Helped Us Emerge Stronger.

Forest Guards at Ekolo ya Bonobo Community Reserve in DR Congo.

Last summer, we reaffirmed our commitment to community-based conservation and vowed to emerge even stronger after an unprecedented wave of violence at Ekolo ya Bonobo Community Reserve.

It’s been a turbulent time, but because of you, we’re growing stronger together!


Who Shares the Forest in Ekolo ya Bonobo Reserve?

A blue butterfly lands on a researcher's shoulder at Ekolo ya Bonobo Community Reserve in DR Congo.
The first recorded live 'Hewitola hewitsonioides' butterfly sits on ABC staffer Jérémie Boteko.

Did you know that the bonobos in Ekolo share the forest with at least 20 arboreal mammal species? This includes many that are also endangered or vulnerable to extinction!

Research in the Ekolo ya Bonobo Community Reserve is revealing exciting discoveries about the biodiversity of the reserve, all thanks to you!


You Raised Awareness in Areas Plagued by Poaching.

Education is a pillar of our comprehensive efforts to protect bonobos and their habitat - just as it has been for more than 25 years!


You Helped Bonobos and People.

We all love the rewilded bonobos of Ekolo ya Bonobo reserve!

Students in DR Congo sit at desks in school.
Students and teachers excited to begin using the new classrooms.

And we know conservation isn't just about wildlife and wild places - it's also about the people who share the same habitat. We believe that when a community thrives, environmental and bonobo conservation will too.

And because you share our vision of a better future for both bonobos and people, Ekolo ya Bonobo has been a community-based reserve from the very beginning.

Thank you for building a more secure future for the people and bonobos of Ekolo!

Sun sets over Ekolo ya Bonobo Community Reserve in DR Congo.


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