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We save bonobos and their rainforest home.

Bonobos could go extinct in our lifetime. We're on a mission to stop that.


Bonobos are unique

These great apes are peaceful, cooperative, and kind. In bonobo society, females are in charge.


We share 98.7% of our DNA with them and in many ways, they represent the best side of human nature.


What we do

​We have a comprehensive and long-term approach to bonobo conservation.


We provide rescue, sanctuary and rewilding to endangered bonobos. We save rainforest where bonobos live. We work with communities and government to tackle the root causes of bonobo endangerment. We educate and raise awareness for bonobos and their plight locally and globally. 

Rescue & Sanctuary

At Lola ya Bonobo sanctuary, orphaned bonobos are rescued from the illegal trade in wildlife. Bonobos are nursed back to health and cared for as long as needed, sometimes for the rest of their lives.

Rewild & Protect

At Ekolo ya Bonobo Community Reserve, bonobos are released back into the wild and given long-term protection. We conserve their rainforest home and work with local communities to lessen poverty and raise bonobo awareness.

Tackle Root Causes

The bushmeat trade is tied to extreme poverty. We help communities build a better future through conservation instead of hunting. We educate people about bonobos and their plight within the DRC and globally.

Bonobo walking at Lola ya Bonobo sanctuary
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About Us

World's only bonobo sanctuary. 
650,000 people participated in local education programs
World's only bonobo rewilding program.
120,000 acres of rainforest saved
10 million people reached through global awareness program
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"I am proud to support Friends of Bonobos in their work to protect and rehabilitate Bonobos. When I learned about the incredible beauty, compassion and intellect of Bonobos I was simultaneously in awe and in despair at how little the world knows of these creatures . Thank you FOB for your continued efforts!"

Amanda Seales


Join Our Quest to Save Bonobos

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