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'How Bonobos Help Explain The Evolution of Nice' on NPR

"Being the smartest or strongest only gets you so far. Cooperation requires a brain that can empathize, trust, and communicate shared goals."

Lola ya Bonobo stars in National Public Radio's Short Wave podcast, presenting "science for everyone, using a lot of creativity and a little humor." The audio story about the evolutionary roots of human behaviors like sharing and empathy features our bonobo wellness manager Suzy Kwetuenda, founder Claudine André, and veterinarian Dr. Jonas Mukamba.

The story explores research on cooperative behavior among Lola bonobos conducted by Friends of Bonobos board members Brian Hare and Vanessa Woods, and their new book Survival of the Friendliest. Reported by Jon Hamilton with podcast host Maddie Sofia.

Listen to Short Wave with your favorite podcast app or online here to find out what makes bonobos special among great apes!

Photo by Ley Uwara for NPR

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