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Meet Lenda



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October 2023


Lenda is a very vocal girl! She has become more talkative as she adjusts to life at Lola.

Lenda & Suzy October 2023 .JPG
The Little Pair, Lenda & Lombo 

Lenda, like many other orphaned bonobos rescued by Lola ya Bonobo, was confiscated by authorities in the Sankuru region - a hotspot for wildlife trafficking and poaching for bushmeat. She was rescued around the same time as Lombo, another young victim of the illegal wildlife trade now faced with the aftermath and trauma of losing his family. 

When Dr. Jonas arrived to carry out the rescue mission, both Lenda and Lombo were in bad shape. Lenda was full of parasites, extremely pale, and had a very swollen belly. She was also suffering from a mouth infection, which is a sign of excpetionally low immunity.

Lenda and Lombo cuddled close to each other and Dr. Jonas throughout the rescue journey as they made their long way to the safety of Lola ya Bonobo Sanctuary. 

Dr. Jonas with Rescued Bonobos 7 & 8 Sept 2023 (1).jpg
Dr. Jonas with Rescued Bonobos 7 & 8 Sept 2023.jpg
Better with Time

Lenda was initially paired with Mama Mimie, but has also received some special TLC from Suzy. She has since been paired with Mama Micheline. She is a bit shy and can be nervous when others approach. She has also become quite vocal! Her favorite spot is up on her mama's shoulder. 


Lenda's health is also improving everyday. Although she was a bit picky at first, she is beginning to adapt to eating new fruits and milk to help her gain the weight and nutrients she needs to be healthy.


At Lola ya Bonobo in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), we have a team of caregivers for rescued bonobosMeet our other Bonobos Omandja, Balangala, Diyoko, Tshimbulu, Lutula, Semendwa, Lolabu, Loto, Ikela, Maya, Bola, Owila, Ikoto, Lenda, Lombo.

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Lenda & Suzy October 2023 .JPG
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