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Meet Loto



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Surrogate Mama:

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October 2021


Loto is a little shy and loves playing in the trees! She is very protective of Owila and Loolo.

Micheline and Loto_April 2021_Lisa Murray.jpg
Introducing Loto

Loto came to Lola ya Bonobo in late October 2021 after being rescued by one of our partners in the field, Héritier Mpo. Loto stayed with Mama Elando (a trained caretaker) in Lodja until mid February when the cross-country transport could be arranged.


She was rescued with another bonobo who unfortunately didn't survive due to her poor health. Loto is now paired with Mama Micheline at the nursery.

Mama Elando, Loto, and other baby bonobo (deceased). 2021._edited.jpg
Micheline and Loto 2_April 2021_Lisa Murray_edited.jpg
Growing Her Confidence

Loto is still working through some of her trauma, but has grown so much since arriving to Lola. Although she is still a bit timid around men, her confidence has developed greatly and her protective personality is starting to show. Loto is selective about who she gives her attention to, but has a strong relationship with Mama Micheline.  Loto loves spending time playing in the trees and enjoying group games. Loto loves fruit and bananas are her favorite!

By mid 2022 Loto was the biggest in the nursery, and very protective of her playmates Owila and Loolo. As one of the older youngsters, she started flirting with Eleke, an adult in nearby Enclosure 2. He would like to join her in the nursery! Keeping the two separated until Loto is ready to move to an adult enclosure requires a lot of strategy on the part of the care team!


Loto is a curious bonobo who has adapted well to her new life. We are so excited to see her continuous growth! 

At Lola ya Bonobo in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), we have a team of caregivers for rescued bonobosMeet our other Bonobos Omandja, Balangala, Diyoko, Tshimbulu, Lutula, Semendwa, Lolabu, Loto, Ikela, Maya, Bola, Owila, Ikoto, Lenda, Lombo.

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Loto and Micheline. 2021._edited.jpg

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Micheline and Loto 2_April 2021_Lisa Murray.jpg
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