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Meet Lombo



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October 2023


Lombo is a timid boy who loves to eat! He has been finding new favorite fruits at Lola.

Lombo & Peguy October 2023.JPG
Lombo's Long Journey to Lola 

Lombo, like many other orphaned bonobos rescued by Lola ya Bonobo, was confiscated by authorities in the Sankuru region - a hotspot for wildlife trafficking and poaching for bushmeat. Lombo traveled for over 9 days on the motorcycle of the environmental inspector who came to collect him from the remote forest village where he had been spotted.


Once in the safe hands of the authorities, Lombo was paired with Lenda, a female bonobo who was rescued around the same time as Lombo. Together their journey to Lola began, both young victims of the illegal wildlife trade now facing the aftermath and trauma of losing their families. 

When Dr. Jonas arrived to carry out the rescue mission, both Lombo and Lenda were in bad shape. Lombo looked to be about 2 years old and was full of parasites. He had a severe cold and wounds on his hips from a rope that poachers used to tie him up.

Lombo cuddled close to his new family and to Dr. Jonas throughout the rescue journey as they made their long way to the safety of Lola ya Bonobo Sanctuary. 

Dr. Jonas with Rescued Bonobos 7 & 8 Sept 2023 (1).jpg
Dr. Jonas with Rescued Bonobos 7 & 8 Sept 2023.jpg
Step by Step

Lombo arrived to Lola with some health issues, was underweight, and dealing with trauma. With care and love from Dr. Jonas and Mama Peguy, Lombo's body and heart on the road to recovery. Lombo has been quick to attach to his new surrogate mama, Peguy. His confidence has been growing, and he has gotten more curious about his quarantine enclosure - never venturing far from his mama!

Lombo has visual signs of trauma. From the wounds he endured from his captors, to the spooked look in his young eyes, it is clear that Lombo has endured more than any living creature should - all at the hands of humans. Lombo is showing signs of resilience. He looks at Peguy with trusting eyes and is adjusting to his new life step-by-step. 

At Lola ya Bonobo in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), we have a team of caregivers for rescued bonobosMeet our other Bonobos Omandja, Balangala, Diyoko, Tshimbulu, Lutula, Semendwa, Lolabu, Loto, Ikela, Maya, Bola, Owila, Ikoto, Lenda, Lombo.

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Lombo, Dr Jonas & Peguy October 2023 .JPG
Lombo & Peguy October 2023 (1).JPG

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Lombo & Peguy October 2023 (1).JPG
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