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Meet Owila




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Surrogate Mama:

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Sankuru Province

March 31st, 2022


Owila  has a close bond with her surrogate mama and enjoys climbing.

A Difficult Rescue

Owila was rescued during a raid by the military in Sankuru province and the trafficker who held her was arrested. Working with the local government, we were able to take her into our care.


Our partner in the field, Héritier Mpo, aided in her transport to the sanctuary. It took over a month to bring her to Lola due to the remote location and problems with Héritier's motorbike.

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Dr. Jonas riding from airport.jpg
Her Journey

Lola Veterinarian, Dr. Jonas, then finished the rescue mission to get Owila to the sanctuary. They have formed a great bond.

When she finally arrived, Owila was paired with Mama Peguy in quarantine. She was very weak and dehydrated, weighing just 3 kg (6.6 lbs) and had sores on her feet. She quickly became attached to Peguy and has a healthy appetite.

Surviving to Thriving

Owila is a survivor! Although she started out extremely underweight, she is thriving in the nursery. She has grown so much this year, and has made remarkable progress.

She's gained confidence and enjoys climbing, although she stays under Peguy's watchful eye!

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